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Finger Exercises

This series of guitar lessons develops hand strength, flexibility, and relaxation by presenting every possible combination of nonrepeating guitar patterns.

The series contains five main exercises with support tables.

Finger Yoga

Warm-up exercise to relax fingers and stop extraneous movement.

Finger Murder

Develops hand strength and begins string switching techniques.


 “Finger Murder” contains three exercises

Basic Pattern

Hammers and Pulls

String Switching

Pick Madness

Explores all possible non-repeating right hand picking and arpeggiation patterns.


Two documents

Pick Madness” containing

Exercises for one to three strings

Pick Madness Table” containing

Patterns for four or more strings

Statistical analysis of possible string patterns

Spot Finder

Develops ability to play any note any finger any fret.

Enhances position shifting technique.

String Mayhem

Explores all possible finger and string patterns for arpeggios in a single position.


Four Documents

String Mayhem” Six pages legal size.

Combines Finger Murder with Pick Madness

Three spreadsheets for four- to six-string patterns

String Mayhem 4 Strings Table

String Mayhem 5 Strings Table

String Mayhem 6 Strings Table


The tables contain 9,572,472 possible exercises, so pace yourself.


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